Autodesk – Customer Briefing Center

Architect: KlingStubbins Architects
Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
Date: 2009
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Autodesk completed a newly constructed Platinum LEED Corporate Briefing Center in Waltham, Massachusetts in 2009. This project was very large and fast paced with an innovative customer gallery area, two fully configured customer briefing rooms, 11 conference rooms, large training room, break room, game room and lobby displays.

The gallery display systems are designed to showcase Autodesk applications and case study project designs. There are 11 free standing projection surfaces on the gallery floor; each surface has a dedicated DLP projector aligned to it. All projectors are installed above ceiling sculptures that provide an aesthetic treatment to the gallery space.

The main image sculpture is a four sided rectangular that has overlapping and blended images on all sides using six projectors. The remaining five projection surfaces are free-standing, single-sided flats. Presentations can be stored and played back in frame locked synchronization via Alcorn McBride HD digital bin loops.

The more challenging systems were in the briefing center’s projection gallery system and main customer briefing rooms. The major design issue was locating and positioning projectors above the feature ceiling and still have perfect geometry, proper alignment and blended images. Careful calculations ensured that image sizes and overlap ratios were spot on. A lot of time was spent coordinating the correct content with the Autodesk creative group who produced the high definition animation files to run on the digital bin loop MPEG multi channel playback system.

There were few compromises due to the careful planning of the design team and the importance of the outcome being a customer centric environment.