Commonwealth Museum

Producer Richard: Lewis Media Group
Exhibit Design: Cambridge 7 Associates
Location:Boston, Massachusetts
Date: 2009
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Living in 21st Century America, it’s tempting to see democracy as a given – a static thing that has always worked as it does today. The history of states like Massachusetts says otherwise. That’s the message of Our Common Wealth, the Massachusetts Experiment in Democracy, a new exhibit at the Commonwealth Museum in Boston. Featuring media by RLMG, it traces the history of democracy in Massachusetts through the colonial, revolutionary, federal, and 19th century reform periods.

The Commonwealth Begins is an interactive touch-table where visitors can explore and manipulate the founding documents of the Commonwealth. Resembling an antique desk, this digital tabletop offers visitors an engaging way to learn about these 18th century documents.

In Let Your Voice Be Heard, visitors sit in a theater designed to look like a town meeting hall. A re-enactment of an early 18th century town meeting projected across three screens sets the stage for the story of the expansion of democratic rights over the next 300 years. Throughout the film, historical figures who were instrumental in this struggle appear on translucent holopro screens to tell their stories.

In Patriot or Tory, visitors listen to the stories of the men and women who participated in the Revolution, and then decide what course of action they would have pursued in those tumultuous times. Know Your Rights is a multi-player experience in which visitors vote on whether the rights of young people have been violated.