Denette Anthony

Denette Anthony, CTS, DMC-D

Denette Anthony, CTS, DMC-D
Denette started her career in public accounting and business consulting. In 1995, she took her business management consulting skills to AV Associates where she helped to grow the company by 100% within a three year period. The subsequent merger with MCSi in 2000 afforded her the opportunity to take on a regional corporate controller position along with some national operations.

Her major accomplishments during her time at AV Associates included the development of an operating procedural plan and a customized software program used to quote and track jobs. She also managed the financial position of AV Associates until 2000.

In July 2003, Denette took on the role of District Manager for the East District of MCSi overseeing the operational and strategic direction of four branch offices. During this time, she worked with the management team to rebuild the East District. This entailed hiring and training a new sales staff, providing business strategies and direction, as well as, financial responsibilities.

Denette graduated magna cum laude from Eastern Connecticut State University in 1987 with a degree in Business Administration and a double major in accounting and finance. In 2004, Denette earned her CTS certification and is currently pursuing her CTS-D designation.