Aetna – Park Avenue Project

Architect: Nelson Architects
Location: New York, New York
Date: 2010
Download the spec sheet for this project.


This high end conference center is located on Park Avenue in New York with sales occupying one half of the floor and the other half reserved exclusively for executive use.

A large executive boardroom was designed with seating for thirty-four participants with permanent audio and video conferencing. The room utilizes an adjacent AV control room as a technographer’s station which can accommodate a technical staff member for assisted presentations. In addition to the boardroom there is an overflow area/lounge with a flat panel monitor for executives to be able to step out of the room but still be involved in the presentation, if required.

Two committee rooms are equip with 80″ LCD monitors, full AV control and video/audio conferencing capabilities. There is a large war room with a ceiling mounted projector and full presentation and control functionality available on the executive side of the floor.

The CEO’s office is outfitted with dual 70″ LCD monitors and a full control system with an adjacent small conference room with video conferencing functionality.

The sales side of the conference center has four conference rooms. All have integrated audio and video conferencing plus full presentation and control functionality.

In addition, the two reception areas have digital signage monitors, along with a digital signage monitor in the sales area break room.