Corporate Projects


The Hartford insurance group - hq

Architect: Clohessy Harris and Kaiser Architects
Location: Windsor, Connecticut
Date: 2009

ACT has provided AV design services for The Hartford’s newest campus built in Windsor, Connecticut. The multi-story, 600,000-square-foot building has a large percentage of the facility design dedicated to meeting and conference room space in addition to a large cafeteria/auditorium space, employee medical clinic, fitness center and training facility.

ACT worked with The Hartford’s IT department to help develop AV standard designs that have been leveraged in at least eighteen different Hartford facilities throughout the country. This project was referred to internally at The Hartford as the “Workplace of the Future.” ACT has also brought these standards to renovated conference and training rooms being implemented at the home office in Hartford.


hamilton sunstrand - network operations center

Architect: Clohessy Harris and Kaiser Architects
Location: Windsor Locks, Connecticut
Date: 2010

Hamilton Sundstrand’s new customer response center is a 2,270 square-foot multi-million dollar center. Experienced customer support engineers and logistics specialists staff this new center 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a year providing customers with an around-the-clock-resource to help resolve technical problems and get aircraft back in the air as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At the heart of the response center is a six-foot high by sixteen-foot long video wall display. This high-resolution video wall utilizes 72 Christie Digital Microtile displays. A multi-input video wall processor provides an array of windowing possibilities, allowing multiple computer and video images to be displayed across the entire wall. Input windows can be configured to be global (anywhere on the wall) or regional (located on the left or right half of the wall). A Crestron 15 inch touch panel provides the users with a graphical image of six different preset screen layouts that they typically use. In addition to the main video wall, large LCD monitors are located on the left and right of the main display. These monitors display cable TV channels, as well as any computer or video source. Overhead ceiling speakers provide audio from program or video sources. A large curved glass wall separates the response center from the main lobby entrance. Visitors to the center can easily view the video wall. This glass wall is a custom Smart Glass system and can be switched to opaque, like frosted glass, to provide privacy in the response center when required. When the glass is switched to opaque, a ceiling mounted projector in the response center immediately turns on and displays a video image that can be easily viewed from the lobby side. All of this functionality is controlled by the Crestron touch panel, located at the response center manager’s desk location.


aetna - AIS Consolidated labs

Architect: Clohessy Harris and Kaiser
Location: Hartford, Connecticut
Date: 2010

Upon entering the reception area at the Consolidated Laboratories, visitors can see Aetna’s state-of-the-art information services technology all around them. Five portrait mounted digital signage monitors enhance the reception waiting room. Beyond the reception desk and shimmering metallic curtain are nearly 200 testing stations.

In the demonstration and teaching center, a compact lecture theater seats six participants and is controlled by a technographer. Images are projected onto a curved presentation wall from a ceiling mounted projector. Two speakers are hidden from view behind a mesh screen cloud ceiling.

In the open office area, two back to back AV conference rooms occupy a glazed island centered in the middle of the space. Each conference room is outfitted with large flat panel monitors and flip top control panels. The conference rooms and workstations in the open office utilize a low profile raise floor for electrical and tel/data cabling.