How We Work:

From our very first conversation, we work to embrace your goals and share your strategic vision for success. We listen to your objectives, and dutifully assess the technical, capital and logistical factors affecting your project. Our role is to assist the design team in bringing the technology and the environment together as a functional whole, while maintaining the architectural vision of the interior designer and architect.



While respecting the roles of others on the project, we make an effort to truly understand and appreciate both the technical and the non-technical goals and considerations that influence a project. At the same time, we know the importance of the quality of the technology being applied and are able to provide detailed recommendations that coordinate with the functional and aesthetic goals of the project.

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Attention to detail:

The best rooms and spaces are the result of unfailing attention to detail and proper documentation. This requires hands on involvement until the final end of the project. The result is a project that works and meets the needs of its end users.



As an independent consultant, we have no vested interest in selling any specific manufacturers equipment or systems. We are able to recommend and specify products that offer the best performance for the cost and serviceability while meeting your goals and objectives.



Our actions are driven by our professional pride and our personal integrity with a desire to be recognized as the finest providers of audiovisual design services.



All of us are committed to honing our skills, keeping current on all technology and applying our talents for the project’s success. Our success is dependent on our acute awareness and our understanding of the project’s design issues. Our success is ultimately determined by the clients opinion.